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Hayden & Thunderbird Waterline Upgrades

City to Upgrade Water Services Near Hayden and Thunderbird Roads

To continue to provide your home with reliable water service, the City of Scottsdale has determined that the water main in your neighborhood should be replaced due to its size, age, existing condition, and/or location.  The city and GHD, a civil engineering firm, will be working together to meet with residents and design the improvements.

Over the next several weeks, a GHD survey team will be in the area to locate the connection between your home and city water service in order to incorporate the information in a draft layout of the project. Once the draft is complete, the city will set up individual meetings will each property owner to discuss the proposed improvements and the impacts to your property.

What are we doing?
The city will be replacing the water main in your street and increasing the capacity of the water main to carry water to your neighborhood. Additionally, the connection to city water services will be moved from the back of each property to the front of each property.  This includes removing the old water meter and replacing it with a new one. Finally, additional fire hydrants will be added to the neighborhood.


Why are we doing it?

The increased capacity of the new water main will result in better water service to your neighborhood.  For example, you will be able to fill your pool much faster.  In this neighborhood, the old connections from homes to the water mains are 40 years old and made of asbestos concrete pipe.  The old service lines will be replaced with new copper pipe which will reduce the chance of a line breaking, resulting in water outages and service calls.  Additionally the old pipe is undersized.    The additional fire hydrants will improve fire protection for the neighborhood and may reduce the fire insurance rates you pay in your neighborhood.

How will my property and I be affected?

The design team and the contractor will work with you to plan for and manage impacts to your property.  Since the water service connection will be moved from the back of your house to the front, some construction will need to take place on your property.  We will work with you to plan the location of the improvements and timing of construction.  A short, 30 minute interruption to your water service is anticipated near the end of construction as we connect your home to the new waterline.  We will work with you to make sure the time of the interruption works for you.

Where will the improvements be located?map1

Improvements include water main replacement on the following streets:
- Thunderbird Rd. between 76th St. and Hayden Rd.
- 76th St. between Sutton Dr. and Thunderbird Rd.
- Sutton Dr. between 76th St. and 76th Pl., and between 79th St. and Hayden Rd.
- 78th St. between Sweetwater Ave. and Thunderbird Rd.
- Davenport Dr. between 76th Pl. and 79th St.
- Wood Dr. between 76th Pl. and 79th St.
- 77th St. between Wood Dr. and 78th St.
- 76th Place between Davenport Dr. and Wood Dr.
- 79th Street between Davenport Dr. and Wood Dr.

Additionally, the connection to city water service will be moved from the back to the front of individual properties resulting in construction around the perimeter of your house.

What will this project cost and how is it being paid for?

It is estimated that the design and construction of these improvements will cost $4.2 million.  A final cost will be determined once final design is complete.  The project is being funded through a portion of the city water rates reserved for overall system improvements.  There is no local water rate increase to fund this project and the city will be paying for the water service improvements made on private property.

When will the improvements be made?

It is anticipated that construction will take place during the spring and summer of 2015. 

What are the next steps?

The City of Scottsdale is currently meeting with property owners who will be affected by the waterline upgrades.  If you own a home in this service area, please contact the City of Scottsdale to schedule an appointment to avoid interruption to your water service. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for the meeting. A member of the project team will provide proposed plans for you to review and discuss waterline placement, property access and construction activity as it relates to your property. Please call (480)312-7045 or send us an email  to schedule your appointment. 

Once the project team has met with all the property owners in the area, the city will finalize the plans and hire a contractor and determine the best way to construct the improvements.   We will continue to provide updates throughout the process.

For additional information please contact Alison Tymkiw, Scottsdale Project Manager at (480)312-3481 or ATymkiw@ScottsdaleAZ.gov  or Bill Roberts, GHD Project Manager at (602)216-7200 William.Roberts@ghd.com.