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Project Graphics

To find out what the project will look like near your home or business look at the overall project map

Segments of the overall project are described as a "Reach" and are numbered.  The basins all have names.  Find the property you are interested in on the project map and locate the reach numbers and basin names near your property.

Next look at the corresponding detailed drawing for that segment of the project to get an idea of what the project will look like.

Reach 5 
Reach 8 (Similar conditions for Reach 6,7 and 9)
Reach 10 (Similar conditions for Reach 3,4,11 and 12)
Reach 13
Reach 14 and Sweetwater Basin
Reach 15 (Similar conditions for Reach 16)

In general, the project will be landscaped with low water use, desert plants.  Take a look at what materials will be used throughout the Upper Camelback Wash Improvement Project by viewing the Plant and Material selections.