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Upper Camelback Wash

The Upper Camelback Wash corridor extends from 92nd Street and Shea Boulevard to north of Sweetwater Avenue. The primary goal of this project is to eliminate structural flooding for this major wash corridor to the greatest extent feasible in a sensitive manner. Additionally, as part of this project a new multi-use path will be put in place which will extend the city’s existing path system.


Construction is currently underway on the Upper Camelback Wash Project.  The project will be constructed in two phases and is schedule to be complete in its entirety in late 2014.  For additional information on construction and the project schedule please visit the construction information page.

Flood Control

The watershed area for this project is approximately 2.6 square miles and discharges into the McCormick Ranch Lakes drainage system. Upon completion of the project, approximately 700 structures (homes and businesses) will be removed from the local floodplain.

The section of the UCW within the project area has two branches; the Main Branch and the 92nd Street Branch. The upstream end of the Main Branch is approximately Sweetwater Avenue and just west of 96th Street, it extends south to its junction with the 92nd Street Branch, just north of Shea Boulevard. The 92nd Street Branch begins at Poinsettia Drive and joins the main branch immediately north of Shea Boulevard.

Based on the engineering analysis, Scottsdale will be making improvements to the Upper Camelback Wash channel and adding several drainage basins throughout the corridor.

The study area is not officially a FEMA delineated floodplain, but flooding is still possible in the area and this project has financial and safety benefits to homeowners and businesses that currently do not have flood insurance in the area.  The improvements to the Upper Camelback Wash will mitigate or remove the flooding potential. 

Multi-use Path

An additional goal of the project is to complete the Upper Camelback multi-use path between 92nd Street, north of Shea Boulevard, and Cactus Road. Completion of this portion of the path will provide a vital link in the City of Scottsdale pathway system. This portion of the pathway will connect Indian Bend Wash pathway system with existing and future pathway system to the north of Central Arizona Project (CAP).