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Design & Construction News

In early July preliminary work is set to begin as workers survey the right of way and begin a native plant inventory within the proposed roadway alignment.

Although the new 20-foot wide unpaved emergency access roads will, wherever possible, follow the existing unpaved access roads, all the native plants within the city’s proposed right-of-way will be tagged during the inventory.  Please note, however, that not all tagged native plants will be relocated: only native plants that fall within the proposed 20-foot access road will be relocated.

Additionally, the City’s initial site plan will demonstrate an effort to avoid existing utilities, natural formations and native plants. Each landowner with property adjacent to the proposed alignment will be given the opportunity to review and provide input on the first draft of the site plan.

Please note, the entire area will not be surveyed at once, the project will be designed and built in several phases.  Upon completion of the design and review process for each phase, native plants within each section will be relocated and the new 20-foot roadway will be constructed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during the design and construction of this project.