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Section 31 Emergency Access Roads

Work has started to widen and extend roads through a desert area known as Section 31. The city will construct a 20-foot emergency roadway system to allow emergency vehicles to safely access the area. In addition, the improvements will allow residents to more easily and quickly leave the area in the event of an emergency.

The improvements will provide three reliable emergency access routes through Section 31. The first route will connect at a point at the northern edge of Section 31 along Dynamite Road at 95th Street. The other two routes will connect at the southern edge of Section 31 along Jomax Road at 90th Street and 94th Street, respectively. A total of 2-1/8 miles of emergency access roadway will be provided. In most cases, the roads will follow existing dirt access routes thereby preserving the rural character of Section 31.

More information about the project:

Q & A (pdf/300kb/2pp)

Council Action Report - May 22, 2012 (Item #11) (pdf/20mb/92pp)

Council Action Report - Nov. 14, 2012 (Item #8) (pdf/19mb/94pp)


construction information:

Construction work is scheduled to begin April 15 on a series of Emergency Access Roads in Section 31. The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of May.

All work will be performed by Valley Rain Construction Corp. Monday – Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Access to homes will be maintained throughout construction.

The plan for the roadways demonstrates an effort to avoid existing utilities, natural formations and native plants. Each homeowner with property adjacent to the proposed alignment was given the opportunity to review and provide input on the site plan prior to the start of construction. The City Council approved the project in May 2012.

The emergency access alignment will be staked and only the Native plants in conflict with the emergency access will be relocated.   Although the new 20-foot wide, unpaved emergency access roads will, wherever possible, follow the existing unpaved access roads, all the native plants within the city’s proposed right-of-way will be tagged during the inventory.  Please note, only native plants that fall within the proposed 20-foot access road will be relocated.

Temporary irrigation system will be set up and to water the relocated native plants. The remaining vegetation within the new emergency access alignment will be cleared and the final emergency access will be constructed.