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Reference Materials

The documents provided here are in PDF, and are best viewed using the Free Adobe Reader not a part of the city of Scottsdale website. , version 6.0 or greater recommended; some features may not work with older versions.

Existing Conditions & Public Involvement Report

This report includes a summary of existing conditions in Segment 1 (McKellips to Earll) and Segment 2 (Earll to Chaparral) and a summary of public involvement received to date. The report also includes information presented at the public meetings.

Downtown Circulation Study

This report addresses existing conditions related to motor vehicle traffic, pedestrian and bicycle travel, transit, and parking. This study also analyzes the various modes of travel and makes recommendations for improving circulation throughout Downtown.

Segment One 30 Percent Plans

This document and appendices detail the preliminary design of the Streetscape from McKellips Rd. to Earll Dr. Note that the right-of-way from McKellips Rd. to Roosevelt Rd. is in Tempe, so Scottsdale is constructing improvements from Roosevelt St. to Earll Dr. in this Segment.

For additional information contact:

Madeline Clemann, Project Manager
Phone: 480-312-2732
Email:mclemann @scottsdaleaz.gov