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Construction Information

Construction Scheduled to Begin September 3

The first phase of construction will begin September 3 when crews begin trenching and installing conduit along Scottsdale Road in locations where overhead power lines will be relocated underground. 

The project has been divided into four phases, scheduled as follows:

 Pinnacle Peak to approx. ½ mile north of Pinnacle Peak  Sept. - Nov. 2013
 North of Happy Valley to Jomax Rd  Sept. 2013 - Jan. 2014
 Mary Sharon to Ashler Hills Dr  Oct. 2013 - Feb. 2014
 Northeast corner of Dixileta Dr and Scottsdale Rd  Sept. 2013 - Feb. 2014

During each phase, crews will trench and install electrical conduit, backfill the trench and pave as necessary.  Once all conduit is installed, APS crews will pull wire through the newly placed conduit and once complete, the power poles will be removed.

Traffic control and reduced speeds will be in place to accommodate the construction activity.  Access to businesses and residences will be maintained.  Disturbance to the adjacent desert will be minimized, and native plants will be salvaged as needed. 

The majority of the project is estimated to be complete in February 2014. However,native plant restoration and revegetation will take additional time to complete once the road work is done.