Construction News

Construction Work is Coming to the Neighborhood Bounded by Oak Street, McDowell Road, 64th Street and 68th Street

Construction work will begin in mid-January and take place thru March in the neighborhood bounded by Oak Street, McDowell Road, 64th Street and 68th Street. The sewer pipes run through the neighborhood easements. A new lining must be installed on the interior of the existing sewer pipe.


Earlier this year, manholes and clean-outs were surveyed to identify and photograph the location of the manholes within the easements to prepare for this work. Insituform Technologies & Pro Pipe, the contractor, will require access to the manholes which were located during the survey to perform the work.

Work will occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the exception of holidays. You will see contractor vehicles and equipment in the streets or alleys where the manholes and cleanouts are located. Crews will first clean the sewer pipes using high-pressure water equipment and then line the underground 8-inch sewer pipes.


72 and 24 Hour Notification

You will receive two additional notices prior to the start of construction that will include specific dates and times for the work and temporary water restrictions.

The nature of this construction will require work inside the sewer pipe. You will be notified in advance to limit your water use and plumbing on specific days and times. This includes the use of washing machines, toilets, and the draining of water in sinks, showers and baths.