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Northsight Boulevard Extension Project

Project Schedule

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Hayden/Northsight Intersection Closed Jan. 11 & 12;
All Major Construction Work To Be Complete By End of January


Work on the final phase of the Northsight Blvd. Extension, the roundabout at Hayden Rd. and Northsight Blvd., is nearing completion.  Major construction work is scheduled to be complete by the end of January.  

The Hayden Rd. and Northsight Blvd. intersection will be closed to all traffic from 4 a.m. on Sat., Jan. 11 through the afternoon of Sun., Jan. 12, weather permitting.  During this time, the intersection will receive final paving and striping. 
When the intersection reopens, the roundabout will be fully functional and there are not any scheduled, major lane restrictions in the roundabout.

Minor lane closures will occur outside the roundabout to make final adjustments to manhole covers and irrigation through the end of Jan. 

The public art sculpture will be installed in the center of the roundabout during the Spring of 2014.

For construction related questions, please call our project line at 480.990.4444.

Why A Roundabout at the Hayden/Northsight Intersection?

The Northsight Blvd. Extension Project was built to help relieve one of the most congested intersections in Scottsdale – Hayden Rd. and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. – by providing travelers an efficient option to bypass this busy intersection. 

For motorists traveling north on Northsight Blvd. or Hayden Rd., taking the Northsight Blvd. Extension will now be the fastest way to reach your destination if you ultimately plan to travel west on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. 

The project extended Northsight Blvd. as a public street from Hayden Rd. to Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., constructed a modern, multi-lane roundabout at the Northsight Blvd./Hayden Rd. intersection and signalized the Northsight Blvd. and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. intersection.

The modern roundabout is a type of continuous flow intersection.  Roundabouts have been shown to reduce crashes by slowing traffic through geometric design and increase capacity by allowing vehicles to use more of the intersection at once and utilize smaller gaps in slower traffic. 

A roundabout converts all movements into simple right turns.  In the case of Hayden Rd. and Northsight Blvd., the goal is to provide a better alternative for traffic wishing to travel west on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.  The roundabout helps to accomplish the project goal by:
1. Allowing northbound Hayden Rd. traffic to easily access northbound Northsight Blvd. without making a left turn. 
2. Allowing northbound Northsight Blvd. traffic, to continue north without the delay of waiting for a red light at Hayden Rd.

By providing the Northsight Blvd. Extension and reducing the delay of accessing it, left turn traffic volumes on Hayden Rd. at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. can be reduced allowing more green time to be used for Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.