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Project Features

On-Street Transit Amenities:
  • Bus bays with enhanced access for flexible routing options.
  • New transit shelters that provide seating, bicycle parking, trash cans, and shade.
  • New supplemental shade and seating options to accommodate greater numbers of passengers (Seat walls, boulders to accommodate approx. 12 additional users).
  • Public art.
  • New trees for enhanced shade.
Street Improvements:
  • Improved vehicular access for users of the shopping center, the library, the hospital and the transit facilities.
  • Reduced speeds to facilitate the use of shared space between vehicles, transit, pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Improved access for a possible future park & ride.
  • New roundabout to address access, safety and capacity concerns.
  • New traffic signal to accommodate access concerns.  
Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements:
  • New pedestrian crossings at 90th Street for transit, library, hospital and shopping center users.
  • Improved connections to the Indian Bend Wash Path, Scottsdale’s most popular path featuring linear parks that span 22-miles from Tempe Town Lake to WestWorld.
  • At Mustang Library: The existing path is does not comply with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • At Shea boulevard: a more direct connection from the street to the path.
  • Bike lanes on 90th Street throughout the project limits.
  • Sidewalk improvements conforming to ADA guidelines throughout the project limits.
Integrated Public Art:

Mary Lucking is an Arizona artist who creates artworks for people to share.  Her projects include art incorporated into urban and rural walking and biking trails, public transit stations, college campuses and neighborhood parks.  Scottsdale Public Art invites your comments on a preliminary concept for the artworks that are to enhance and contribute to the Mustang Transit project.  The idea for the art direction arose out of citizen meetings with the artist in September 2013.

We want your input! Use your imagination and tell us your idea for a book, or a page of a book, that would take on different levels of meaning, be funny, be poignant, or be provoking, if read by a bird. Send your ideas to WhatBirdsWouldRead@gmail.com.  To learn more about Mark Lucking's Plans for the Mustang Tranist Center, please visit Scottsdale Public Art.