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Mustang Transit Center

The City of Scottsdale is currently designing several transportation improvements along the 90th Street corridor between Shea Boulevard and Mountain View Road. 

The proposed improvements include new transit amenities, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, public art, a new signal and a roundabout.  Upon completion, the project will connect three existing bus routes and one future route as well as provide convenient, comfortable access for all travel modes to Mustang Library, Scottsdale Healthcare, and other nearby retail and commercial centers.

The 90th Street and Shea Boulevard area supports more than 24,000 jobs within a half mile radius and is home to a number of key activity centers: a hospital, medical offices, multiple shopping centers, restaurants, a library, and offices. Together, these activity centers generate transit use by employees, area residents, and visitors.

The on-street improvements, when completed, will be coupled with several planned route improvements:

  • A new airpark trolley route connecting  the 90th Street and Shea Boulevard area with the new Scottsdale Park and Ride located at Thunderbird and Scottsdale Roads;
  • Improved service frequencies on Routes 80 (Shea Blvd.); Route 81 (Hayden Rd.); Route 514 Express; and Route 511 Express service and
  • Service to the Via Linda Senior Center either by trolley route or perhaps public/private partnership with Mayo Clinic and Scottsdale Healthcare.

Currently, this area does not provide good access to transit stops from any direction. The sidewalks are narrow and unlit, the path to the east of the library and hospital (Camelback Wash) is not ADA compliant, and there is inadequate pedestrian and bicycle access from the main path up to the transit stop on Shea Boulevard.

Please note, this project will not construct a building. Cities, Scottsdale included, have recognized that providing appropriate passenger facilities can be accomplished inexpensively on-street. These on-street facilities are more visible to the general public, and promote transit service themselves.