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Downtown Water and Drainage Projects

The city of Scottsdale has been performing construction work this summer to alleviate flooding and repair waterlines in the downtown area. Work on the waterline replacement project along 6th Avenue is nearing completion. The Drainage Improvement Project along 5th Avenue is set to begin Monday, July 14. We will continue to work with property and business owners to address concerns regarding construction.

Major construction work on 5th Avenue is currently scheduled to be complete the end of August. Final striping of the road will take place for two days in September after the asphalt cures for 20 days.

Due to the magnitude of construction, 5th Avenue will be fully closed between Craftsman Court and Scottsdale Road during construction. The sidewalks will be open to pedestrians on both sides of 5th Avenue but on-street parking and through-traffic will not be allowed. Access from the parking structure to 5th Avenue also will be closed during the project. Temporary trolley stops will be set up during construction at both ends of the street during the closure.
This project was delayed one year at the request of downtown business owners to allow more time to prepare for the closure and to maximize use of the summer business slow down. All work will be performed by Nesbit Contracting between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., weekdays.

There is currently a flooding problem along 5th Avenue between Craftsman Court and Scottsdale Road. The street has insufficient capacity to handle storm water runoff, and properties along this corridor have experienced flooding as part of past storm events. The city is lowering this segment of Scottsdale Road to provide increased drainage capacity.


Contact Us

For questions on 6th Avenue construction, please contact Project Manager Eric Waldo during the day at 480-312-7245; or City Inspector Alan Waggerby at 602-920-6264 at night.

For additional information on 5th Avenue construction, please contact Project Manager Chris Perkins at 480-312-7845.

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